Amulet Redesigned

It’s been quite awhile since our last hardware update, so we thought it best to update you all on our newest Amulet Hardware! Below are pictures and specs for our most recent hardware revision, which features a Sharp LS013B7DH03 display, three capacitive touch sensors, and a custom 3D printed case that is made up of two different types of materials–a soft flexible plastic to cover the buttons, and a hard durable plastic to encase and protect the inner electronics.



Full List of Features

  • Processing:
    • Texas Instruments MSP430FR5989, 2 KB SRAM and 128 KB of FRAM
  • Sensing:
    • Analog Devices ADMP510 microphone
    • Everlight ALS-PT19 light sensor
    • Texas Instruments TMP20 temperature sensor
    • STMicroelectronics L3GD20H gyroscope
    • Analog Devices ADXL362 accelerometer
    • Lapis Semi ML8511 UVA/B sensor
  • Communication:
    • Nordic nRF51822 used as a modem for communicating with peripheral BLE devices (such as a heart-rate monitor)
  • User Interface:
    • Sharp LS013B7DH03 display with 128×128 resolution
    • Two buttons
    • Three capacitive touch sensors with low power MPR121 touch controller
    • Haptic buzzer, and two LEDs.
  • Storage:
    • The small secondary storage board holds a microSD card reader.
  • Misc:
    • The board also includes a battery charger (MCP73831)
    • 110mAh battery
  • Supported Applications:
    • EMA – Displays a question after a timer or manual trigger, gets the user’s input, and logs it to the SD card
    • Battery Meter – Lists the current charge left in the batter in terms of percentage
    • Blinky – Demonstrates how to blink an LED
    • Clock – A clock for the system
    • Fall Detection – Detects when the wearer falls down
    • Heart Rate Log – Records and displays the user’s heart rate
    • Pedometer – Counts the user’s steps
    • Sun Exposure – Measures a user’s sun/light exposure over time
    • Temperature – Measures temperature over time

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