Dartmouth College

  • Ryan Halter (Engineering): Co-PI; Assistant Professor of Engineering.
  • David Kotz (Computer Science): Principal Investigator; Professor of Computer Science.
  • John Batsis (Geisel School Of Medicine)
  • Taylor Hardin (Computer Science): graduate student.
  • Sarah Lord (Psychiatric Research Center)
  • Jasmine Mai (Computer Science): undergraduate student.
  • Varun Mishra (Computer Science): graduate student.
  • Patrick Proctor (Computer Science): programmer.
  • Ron Peterson (Computer Science): senior programmer.
  • Gunnar Pope (Engineering): graduate student.

Clemson University

  • Kelly Caine (Human Centered Computing): Co-PI; Assistant Professor of Human-Centered Computing.
  • Josiah Hester (Computer Science): graduate student, now at Northwestern.
  • Vivian Motti (Human Centered Computing): now at George Mason University.
  • Ryan Scott (Computer Science: Graduate Student.
  • Jacob Sorber (Computer Science): PI; Assistant Professor of Computer Science.
  • Byron Lowens (Human Centered Computing): graduate student.

Former members

  • George Boateng (Engineering): graduate student; now at ETH Zurich.
  • Eric Chen (Computer Science): undergraduate student.
  • Kevin Freeman (Computer Science): graduate student.
  • Bhargav Golla (Computer Science): graduate student.
  • Emily Greene (Computer Science): undergraduate student; now at Amazon.
  • Steven Hearndon (Computer Science): graduate student.
  • Hilary Johnson (Engineering): undergraduate student.
  • Anna Knowles (Computer Science): undergraduate student.
  • Andrés Molina-Markham (Computer Science); now at RSA Labs.
  • Emma Oberstein (Computer Science): undergraduate student.
  • Travis Peters (Computer Science): graduate student.
  • Joseph Skinner (Engineering): technician.
  • Tianlong Yun (Computer Science): now at Google.

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